How to use your LinkedIn picture in Lync

If you’re like me and want your smiley face plastered all over your Lync conversations, then you may have found that Lync annoyingly makes you host your own picture:


I found this very frustrating until I realized I had a LinkedIn account with a publicly-visible profile picture I could link to:



To do this yourself

1. Update your linked-in picture (if need be)
2. Ensure your picture is publicly available
  • Account & Settings -> Privacy & Settings -> Change your profile photo & visibility
  • Ensure In addition to users I message, my profile photo is visible to… is set to Everyone
3. View your public profile
  • Click Profile
  • Click the link under your picture to view your public profile
  • Right-click your profile picture on your public profile

4. Copy the image URL

  • Right-click your profile picture on your public profile
  • Select “Copy image URL” in Chrome
  • Select “Copy” in IE
5. Set your Lync picture URL
  • Open Lync
  • Click your profile picture
  • Select Show a picture from a web address (as in the screenshot above)
  • Paste in the URL
  • Click OK
So now you’ve linked your Lync picture to a link to your LinkedIn picture… Easy!